Eldorado Middle School

November 20, 2018

Upcoming Dates & Announcements

**Students will not be allowed to use the phone in the office except for emergencies**

Today's Menu
Beef & bean burrito
tomato salsa
pinto beans

Monday's Menu
hot ham & cheese on WG bun
potato wedges
fresh broccoli



Beta is a non-profit, leadership-service club for sixth through eighth (6-8) grades whose purpose is to encourage effort and reward merit, and to promote those qualities of character that makes for good citizenship.

All 8th grade students need to turn in their baby pictures to Mrs. Parker before Christmas Break. She will scan the photos and return them back to you. We want all 8th graders to be in the yearbook.

8th grade paragon money is past due. if you have not turned in your money, you need to ASAP.
Songfest practice Friday at 7:40 and Tuesday at 7:40 am
Girls Basketball vs Gallatin Co 5:30 pm
EMS art exhibit at SIC art gallery Monday, Nov 12th-January 11th