Eldorado Middle School

March 20, 2018

Upcoming Dates & Announcements

Students and Parents: 
**Mrs. Parker is seeking 7th grade students who are interested in being part of the yearbook webpage class.  If interested please stop by and get information from Mrs. Parker.

* March! March! In the month of March support the band by purchasing a yummy $1.00 candy bar.  Help the Eldorado Band keep Marching :)

**Students will not be allowed to use the phone in the office except for emergencies**

Lockers are to remain locked at all times. Any items that are taken out of an unlocked locker is the responsibility of the student

*Please throw all Gatorade bottles and candy wrappers in the trash cans and not on the ground during lunch recess.
* Students: Please keep track of your belongings, there is no lost and found at the middle school.

*On Tuesday & Thursdays bus 18 will be an early bus. All tutoring students and students that normally ride bus 18 should be dismissed at early bus time.

*Your cell phones must‚Äč be turned off during school hours. If you are sick or need to use the phone for any reason, you must come to the office and ask to use the office phone phone.
*Freshman Orientation at EHS 4:30- 7:00 p.m.

Today's menu 
Chicken and WG noodles WG roll and honey Mashed potatoes Steamed carrots Fruit Milk
omorrow's Menu
Taco Salad WG tortilla chips and salsa Refried beans Kashi granola bar Pineapple tidbits Milk

Beta News

Tuesday: Pink-Out  Volleyball vs Gallatin County
Wednesday: Boys and girls track tryouts at High School boys gym after school