Eldorado Middle School

September 19, 2018

Upcoming Dates & Announcements

**Students will not be allowed to use the phone in the office except for emergencies**
 Thursday's Menu
Sloppy Joe on WG Bun
DRak Green Leaf Lettuce
Tomato Slice
Oven Fries
Sliced Peaches
Thursday's menu
Hot Dog on WG Bun

Beta is a non-profit, leadership-service club for sixth through eighth (6-8) grades whose purpose is to encourage effort and reward merit, and to promote those qualities of character that makes for good citizenship.

To be in Beta you must meet the following criteria...

1) Have a 3.5 grade point average for the 1st & 2nd nine weeks
2) You must score 70% on the teachers' checklist.

We will induct prospective members in the spring. 

Beta members check out the Beta web at

*Whats Happening at EMS*
 Friday: Early Dismissal 12:p.m 
Saturday: EYA Football @ Edwards County
Monday : Team Jersey day/Favorite Disney Character day
Tuesday: Crazy Clothes/Clash Day(Wear mixed matched closthes and crazy socks )
Wednesday: Hat Day/Camo Day (Ball Caps, Crazy hats and a little bit of camo)
Thursday: Hawaiian Day (Grass skirts, Floral shirts,  Hawaiian leis)
Friday: Eagles pride day- Early Dismissal(wear purple and gold)