6th Grade    
Teacher Subject Homework
Chester ART 6 None
Gunzel FAME Read AR
  Eng Lit 6

Read AR

  Lang Art 6 Study Graph Words, Graph- Quiz Friday
Lloyd Acc Eng Lit 6 read 15 pages
  Acc Lang Art 6 work on america's gift essay
Loudy Current Event 6

CNN 10

McCallister Common Core 6 Khan
Murray Math 6 p 67-69


Lloyd FAME Lang Arts none
Wallace Science 6 Acids And Base Book
Zurliene Social Studies 6 ch 3 test and extra credit
7th Grade    
Teacher Subject Homework
Griffin Science 7

ch 3 test today

Chester Art 7 None
Ferrell Eng Lit 7

Read AR

  Lang Art 7 Type "Monsters..." Essay
  FAME Lang Arts Plural Nouns Worksheet & Plural Sentences
Goodley Math 7 Worksheet and Computer Lesson


Lloyd Acc Lang Art 7 My life, My story Project
  ACC Eng Lit 7 Read 15 Pages
Loudy Social Studies 7 None
Wallace Health 7

Respiratory System Quiz tmr

  Science 7 3-3Read Notes
Zurliene Social Studies 7 Read pg. 165-168 & Declaration of Independence

McCallister Common Core 7 Khan
8th Grade    
Teacher Subject  Homework
Attebury Eng Lit 8 10 AR for October- Read AR
  Lang Art 8 None
Griffin Science 8 None
Chester  ART 8 None
Lloyd ACC Lang Art  My life, My story Project
  ACC Eng Lit 8 Read 15 pages
Loudy Social Studies 8 Chapter 17 Test & Folders Due
McCallister Common Khan
Quigley Math 8  Worksheet 2-4 (1-6) module 2 test Tuesday
  ACC Math 8 worksheet 2-4 (1-6) module 2 test Tuesday
 Zurliene Social Studies 8 Chapter 18 Test and Extra credit
Support Staff    
Bergan Science  None
  English Lit. Read AR
  Math  None
  Life Skills none
 Orr Social Studies None

English Lit Read AR
  Life Skills None
  Math None

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