6th Grade    
Teacher Subject homework
Gunzel FAME Reading 6 AR
   English Lit.6 AR

 Language Arts none
 Harris  Film & Lit 6 None
   Creative Writing None
Lloyd Acc. English read new book for march

Acc. Language arts none

FAME Lang. Arts 6 none
 Loudy Current Events 6 CNN/10 
Murray  Math 6 make up work
 Wallace science 6  none
 Zurliene  Social Studies 6 Europe map 
 7 Grade  
Teacher Subject Homework
 Ferrell English Lit. 7 BHH
Language arts 7 Amazing essay

FAME Lang. Arts 7 "the babysitter" dialogue 
Goodley    7.1 test in class
 Griffin   Science 7 ws
Lloyd Acc. English  7 read new book for march
  Acc. Lang arts. 7 none
Loudy Social Studies 7 Read module 7 lesson 3
Wallace Health 7 bill nye

Science 7 Bacteria creations in class
Zurliene Social Studies 7 module
 Orr  FAME Reading 7 none
8th Grade    
Teacher Subject  Homework
Attebury Eng. Lit. 8 none
  Lang. Arts. 8 none
Griffin  Science 8 ws
Lloyd Acc. Eng. Lit. 8 read new book march

Acc. Lang. Arts 8 none
Loudy Social Studies 8 mod 8 lesson 2 assessment
 Quigley   math ws

 beta none

Cox Lang. Art None
  Math none

Science None
McCallister Common Core None
   Current Events None
  Computer  None
 Orr English Lit None
   Math none
  Social Studies None

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